Clinical Services

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation provides an opportunity for the clinician to meet with you as a family and discuss your concerns. The speech pathologist will complete a detailed history of your child’s development and spend time interacting and observe your child’s communication skills. The clinician will discuss their observations with you.

TALK & LEARN Speech Pathologists encourage liaison with teachers, childcare staff and other health professionals to assist in the diagnosis and planning of targeted intervention programs.

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment is usually recommended following the Initial Consultation session to provide in-depth diagnostic information about your child’s communication strengths and weaknesses. The clinician will discuss this with you and decide on the number of sessions required. A detailed assessment report is provided upon request.


Intervention is provided following the assessment process to support the development of communication and learning skills for individuals or groups. TALK & LEARN Speech Pathologists are experienced in the latest evidence-based interventions.

Group Intervention Programs

Group Intervention Programs including social skill development, early language, school readiness, sound awareness and early literacy development are offered at our clinic. We are always happy to develop new group ideas so please let us know if you would like a particular type of group.

Consultation with schools, kindergartens and other professionals

Consultation with schools, kindergartens and other professionals are an integral aspect of our intervention services and assists with the generalization and wider support for the child’s speech, language, communication or learning development.