School Services

School Services are currently provided by TALK & LEARN Speech Pathologists in various Government, Catholic and Independent schools across Melbourne.

Services available include:

  • group screening assessments
  • individual assessments
  • individual and group intervention programs
  • close liaison with classroom teachers
  • in-class support
  • attendance at Program Support Group Meetings
  • consultation and support for the development of Individual Learning Plans
  • assessment for Commonwealth and state funding applications

Kindergarten Screening Programs

Kindergarten Screening Programs that involve the prevention or early identification of communication difficulties is a crucial aspect of a speech pathologist’s role. Many studies in the field of speech-language pathology and education indicate that an early delay in children’s communication skills can lead to longer-term educational and social interaction difficulties.

Talk & Learn Speech Pathologists provide screening programs and intervention support in kindergartens, pre-schools and childcare centres to support the early identification of children at risk of communication difficulties together with expert advice to support parents and professionals working with these children.

Professional Development

Professional Development learning packages to whole school staff or smaller learning communities are offered by speech pathologists at TALK & LEARN Speech Pathology.